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May 29, 2010

Baby Hears Mom's Voice For First Time. Incredible Video!

Yes, I know, Robot Nine is often weird and sarcastic, but this was too real and awesome to pass up.
Little Jonathan just had cochlear ear implants, now he can hear, and for the first time ever he hears his Mom's voice.

See, we are sweet here at Robot Nine.
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Teen Werewolf!

No, I don't understand either...

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May 27, 2010

Policemen At Work. Hilarious Book Parody! (14 Images)

Years ago there was a series of books called 'People At Work'. On focused on the policeman.
Some funny person has adapted this old book with some new thoughts.

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May 25, 2010

Bizarre Spanish Statues Feature Political Leaders... Well, Just Look (20 Images)

Leaders Getting Dumped On... Kind Of!

Obama doing the deed.
Yes, it is a small statue of the US President doing what you might not want to see. Why does this exist? read on and become as puzzled as we at Robot Nine.

Seems the Santa Lucia Christmas Market in Barcelona, Spain sells all of the nativity figures you might need... Baby Jesus, barnyard animals, wise men. Oh yeah, and famous political and sports figures pooping!

Now you know as much as us. So enjoy the rest of this post.

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The Best Worst T-Shirts Ever. T-Shirt Hell!

T-Shirt Hell

Enjoy, or maybe not, this odd collection of some of the T-Shirt Hell designs that really push the limits of taste.

We start off with more tame offerings. As you progress the designs get quite a bit more adventorous. For the faint of heart or easily offended, you have been warned.

Wal-Mart taken to task. I avoid any retail store that has over 50 cash registers and only 5 cashiers.

Well, slavery does get things done, does it not?

Atheist design is classic and simple.

I can make jokes like this as I live in Texas. Of course wearing this in public would make for some interesting conversations.

In Houston there is ample opportunity on every major highwway to support single moms. We seem to be the capital of "gentlemen's establishments".

I had never noticed the horns in photos or on the news. Guess it has to be the right lighting!

You can't complain, it is 100% organic after all. They only get more daring from here. Second warning!

Well now see what happens when all I wanted was to support a single mom. So goes it.

Not endorsed by the Pez candy company.

Now what could be better than an nonest man? The ladies should be thrilled to know such a guy.

I'm not sure i really know where this is coming from, but if I as a Texan can take the humor than people in Idaho need to smile along.

Well, it is East Texas here...

You know that many guys secretly feel this way.

Feeling like any lines have been crossed yet? T-Shirt Hell caters to the more extreme. Do you see a line coming close?

Of course this text is printed low on the shirt, about the height of a little person's head.

Gramatically oxymoronic. Maybe just moronic!

'Calvin and Hobbes' comic strip if it were real life.

Just like I gave up gin for lent. Not vodka though.

I'm sure there is a detainee in Guantanomo cringing at this very moment.

Well now, you see, this isn't some left wing outfit. They are equal opportunity offenders.

Ick. If this serial killer humor offends you be like Buffalo Bill in 'The Slience of the Lambs' and slip into your thickest skin.

Coma Sutra. She never objected so he thought it was OK. Not like she said "Baaaa" or anything.

Teenage angst taken to new heights and reconstituted into humor. Maybe.

I'll let you sort through the hair shaving gag on your own. The last couple are perhaps the most daring of all. Third warning so no complaints people.

Um, yeah, think about this one. Hope you're not about to head out to lunch, or that you are very open minded.

Yes, perhaps the best of the worst humor t-shirts I have ever seen. What can I say? It reaches new heights and depths at the same time.

Wanna see more?

T-Shirt Hell!

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May 1, 2010

Clowns! Cute, Evil, Scary, Weird! (51 Images)

What happens to a persons art abilities when they are given a dose of LSD? Great series of drawings illustrates the changed perceptions of the artist. Stunning images of the six story Barbie Store that opened recently in Shanghai, China. Everything from Barbie dolls to massage and facials, clothing, even a nightclub! Excellent pictures of the dangerous art of firebreathing. Beautiful, but as always, do not try this at home kids! Cool images of the owl these folks found. They transported it to a rescue center for birds in a cardboard box. The owls eyes say he was not so happy with that arrangement. Join the Robot Nine Art Project. Photocopy the contents ot your wallet or purse and send the image to us. When we get a dozen or more we will post the results. Surprise us! Robot Nine has a large and growing collection of fun FREE flash games. Check them out and play today!
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