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March 31, 2009

Top 17 Sexy Female Politicians In The World!

How could Robot Nine be so crass?
These women spent their lives working to build up a reputation in politics and here we are judging them on their appearance.

17 - Sara Latife Ruiz
Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez has become a big shot in the politics of Mexico, but in Robot Nine's book she rates high because she has done it while being pretty.

16 - Toireasa Ferris
Toireasa Ferris is an Irish politician in the Sinn Fein Party and she is "fein" in that pretty girl next door sort of way!

15 - Ruby Dhalla
Number 15 hails from Canada, Ruby Dhalla, and she is a powerful member of the liberal party.
She makes me feel like a "powerful member".

14 - Segolene Royal
Segolene Royal ran for President of France. She might not have won that but she did win the Robot Nine Favorite Cougar Award!

13 - Julia Bonk
Julia Bonk was only 18 when she took a seat in Parliament in Saxony, German. And that top brings out her eyes like Obama brings out stimulus plans.

12 - Anna-Maria Galoja
Anna-Maria Galoja hails from Estonia and is a political scientist.
We won't hold that against her!

11 - Vera Lischka
Vera Lischka belongs to the Social Democratic Party of Austria. That's one good looking filly, buster! Get it, filly, buster... filibuster!

10 - Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been the president of Argentina. Gorgeous in that way of retired Charlie's Angels girls who now sell clothing at K-Mart.

9 - Sitrida Greagea
Sitrida Geagea of Lebanon leads the Lebanon Forces Party. Wow, that and she looks like she is in an ad for high-end clothing.

8 - Yuri Fujikawa
Yuri Fujikawa stirred up publicity when she won a seat on the City Assembly of Hachinohe, Japan. Made in Japan, a label you can love!

7 - Sarah Palin
The almost Vice-President Governer of Alaska Sarah Palin. We weren't impressed with her interviews but the skirt and top get our vote!

6 - Carey Torrice
Carey Torrice is County Commisioner of McComb County, Michigan. Should this exciting life come to pass there may be an opening on Baywatch.
(Mrs. Palin, I realize a local county seat is not real big politics, but this contest isn't really about politics, now is it?

5 - Yulia Tymoshenko
Yulia Tymoshenko is Prime Minister of Ukraine and looks like a classy Chanel model.
To me she is a real PMILF.
(I think Robot Nine just coined a new slang term!)

4 - Luciana Leon
Peru's Luciana Leon is a lawyer and a member of Congress.
Congress, a word with more than one meaning, if you know what I mean?

3 - Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva grew from a gymnast to a member of the Public Chamber in Russia and is cute enough to steal Robot Nine's beath away.
She's the kind of politician that inspires us to stay abreast of developments.

2 - Mara Carfagna
Mara Carfagna holds the position of Minister of Equal Opportunities in Italy. She also seems to do a little modeling on the side. Italy! It's hard not to like.

1 - Christine Kelly
Christine Kelly, France's Minister of Overseas Territories is a stunning beauty and wears a swimsuit well. The French. They make good bread, statues, and Ministers of Overseas Territories.

Why 17? Because we are choosy, that's why!

But where is Hilary? Well... Bill can have her.

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New Playground Equipment Taken Over By Aggressive Neighborhood Kids!

A family that lives on the outskirts of Milford, PA decided to build a sturdy, colorful playground for their 3 and 4 year old sons.
They lined the bottom with smooth stone gravel to avoid knee scrapes and other injuries.
They finished building it one Friday evening and were very pleased with the end product.
The following morning the mom was about to wake up the boys and have them go out to play in their new play center.
From her upstairs window she discovered that some other neighborhood kids were already playing on the playground!

Yes, we know. Too cute!

Submitted by Adorabibble.

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Rosie Hardy. 18 Year Old's Great Photography and Self-Portraits

Rosie Hardy of England is such a fascinating photographer it is hard to believe she is only eighteen years old.
Many, but not all, of her images are self-portraits. Enjoy this stunning collection of cool work.

Is it fair that someone so young be so talented as a photographer and beautiful besides?
Visit her Flickr page before she becomes famous.

See more of Rosie on photobesity.

Russian Photographer Captures The Moon Here!
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Jesus Is On The Inside Of A Meteorite In Russia!

October 18, 1916 a meteorite fell in two pieces near Boguslavka, Russia.
On the face of one of the pieces you'll never guess who was found.
Jesus, of course!

The image on the right is of the meteorite's inner face. Many believe that the Jesus on the stone bears an eerie likeness to the famous (infamous?) Shroud of Turin shown on the right.

Witness Ivan Ovchinnikov made this watercolor painting if the space rock falling to Earth.
The story and pictures are from the Russian magazine Life.

Jesus? I say it's Ben Franklin. What do you think?
Submitted by Scope!

Where's Jesus? On toast, pancakes, Cheetos, dog's butts, clouds, and more here!
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24 Odd and Funny Book Titles and Covers

Mine mostly says "I Want To Be Left Alone".
Own it.

The reason I am divorced.
Own it.

Be handy while you still can!
Own it.

When my copy arrived in the mail I was sorely dissapointed.
Own it.

Ewwww! Who knew this was done.
Knitting with dog hair? And I have been trying to keep it off of the couch all this time?
Own it.

Common sense perfect book title!
Own it.

How these horse stories are different from the other horse stories we don't know.
But I bet more men buy this book than women!
Own it.

You didn't even know you had any cheese problems did you?
You do.
Own it.

You read the subtitle correctly, the author has found the cure for depression in a most surprising manner. Guess there is some truth to being a tight-ass!
Own it.

Making the classics cool for teenage bys everywhere!
Own it.

Now you know wyy they were always buying all that rope and forever practicing knots.
Out of print, own something about it.

'Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers'
Not by John Grisham
Unavailable when this was written but still listed.

My snake hasn't been the same lately either, ever since the 'Quilt in a Day' lady!
Own it.

An old tome, just to show that the old "pull my finger" goes way, way back!

I asked the librarian for a copy of 'Walden' and got this.
Own it.

But before you go to live with them be sure to make yourself a fancy coffin!

They look like an Abercrombie ad, right?

Neither vegetarian nor animal lover? Do you have to choose, even if you are Hitler?
Own it.

Ewwww. I think my humanure is trying to tell me something, probably to just go to the grocery store.
Own it.

Because '25 Years and Still Riding' didn't have the same style.
Own it.

Followed by the sequel book 'How to Get Stains Out of Pants'.
Own it.

Nothing is more frightening than being spatulaed!
Own it.

What is the sound of one man pulling his own finger?
Own it.

Read it? I could have wrote it!
Own it.

9 Very Unfortunate Book Covers Here!

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