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December 19, 2011

Creepy Santas - 2011! (34 Images)

"The kids shouldn't look so worried.
I've got them.
I've got them real good"!

'Beard Grew Right Up Over His Nose' Santa

"Look at the camera before I ring your neck kid."
What an angry looking Santa

They ALL look so worried!

This Santa and kid look like the cover of one of those creepy detective magazines where a bad guy is threatening a girl.

After a thousand crying kids he looks a little too sedate.

On the other hand, try to curb your enthusiasm, Santa!

Way too happy, Santa.
Where is that kid's other hand?

Out On Parole Santa?

Confused Santa.

The No Contact Santa.
They both seem to have just had enough!

Sanford and Santa?

Sanata looks shocked at the double barrel screaming!

Creepy non-traditional Santa garb.

Made up like a tramp Santa.

Slumped over Santa!
Osteo-Santa or Inebriated Santa?

Another Santa looks like he is on the lam from a prison break.

"I got a marketing degree for this." Santa

Gets real pleasure from the screaming ones.

Santa needs another drink.

Santa looks as enthusiastic as a stuffed animal.

Just when the kid does good the Santa looks ready to wither away from apathy.

"I've got to get my trucking job back." Santa

Secret sick smile Santa.

Sweaty Face Wiping Santa

Imposter Santa Hitting on The Office Girls!

"Pull My Finger" Santa

Another Santa on the lam and hiding his face from the camera.

Two beard Santa

Very unattractive Santa

Medicated Santa falls asleep.

Creepy Kabuki Makeup Santa

Is that a real man or some kind of dummy?

My daughter's first Santa.
We didn't realize until later how stoned Santa looked!

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