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November 30, 2009

Mario From 'Mario Brother' Oil Painting!

Excellent painting of Mario from 'Mario Brothers'.
Here's portraits of Charlie Brown as an adult and the Torrance Family form the move 'The Shining'.
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The World's Most Dangerous, Scariest, And Beautiful Swimming Hole!
Amazing 270 Degree Double Rainbow In The Waterfall's Mist Cloud!

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe Africa has a nice little swimming hole that is accessible when the river is at a minimum flow from August to January.
Don't miss the scary edge views and the almost complete circle double rainbow in the mist!

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Creepy Perv Darth Vader!

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Obsessed Woodpecker Tempts Death In Fight With Snake Over Hole In Tree!

This crazy woodpecker just keeps coming back for more, pecking on the snake and getting bit. Did the bird have a nest in the hole? Why was the bird so intense on winning this battle?

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This Old Boy's Project has A Bizarre Definition of "Happy" Flies

Seriously, the flies will be "happy" because the have "never experienced anything like this before"?
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Giant Santa Claus Burns Up In Brazil!

A huge 45 foot tall Santa Claus located in the aptly named town of Santa Caterina, Brazil caught fire and was a total loss!
A bit distressing, remember kids, it's just a big doll, not the real Santa!

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Robot Nine PhotoBlast (33 Images)

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Demotivational Poster Of The Day - Swedish Girls - November 30, 2009

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Ugly Celeb Of The Day - Kirsten Dunst - November 30, 2009

Kirsten Dunst
Ugly Celeb Of The Day!
November 30, 2009
We know, you love her, you think she's cute, tiny little teeth and lips stuck together to look like she's missing her front two ones and all!
We know.
Still, Ugly Celeb of the Day!
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