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January 1, 2008

Racing Games

Day Drive is the most exciting FREE race game we have. Great graphics, awesome car sounds, excellent controls. Race on!Accept the challenge and race around the entire planet. Go fast or risk losing your money, your vehicle, your honor! You are the hilarious hillbilly truck driver. Can you possibly negotiate the hills and canyons without losing your load of lumber, water, pigs, and more?
Super exciting and fast motorcycle street racing fun. Can you make all five checkpoints in all levels?Highly Responsive And Quick, Challenging Game. Ride And Jump But Keep Your Balance Or Wipe Out And Die!Super Fast Go-Cart Madness On The Track. How Fast Can You Make It To The Finish Line?
Fun game  of cruising toward the ever distant city, avoiding other cars, trees, oil spots, but seems you can swipe stop signs for extra points!

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