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September 30, 2009

Oops, Nobody Proofread The News Background Art!

Your local news often obtains there background art right off of the Internet.
It might be a good idea if they looked at it carefully before broadcasting it.

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MSDS Sheet For Women

Please read careflully, it could save your life!

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Obama And His Consistent Smile

Much has been written about Barack Obama's series of 135 photos from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In all of them he has the most amazingly frozen and consistent smile. Enjoy a quick video synopsis of Smilin' Obama.

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Badly Named Products

Enjoy a few of the best marketing blunders Robot nine could find.

Well, it's a start anyhow...

Better finger Marie a little longer than.

Chunk of what? Never mind.

A brand name and product name that flow together.

In a six pack no less.

You shove it!

Always better when it's mixed, right?

Something to crow about!

4 chances, what a lucky day for you.

Could this be Marie from the first image in this post?

I'll take the regular size please.

It's so dark. He better see a doctor.

Just don't breathe in the fizz.

I'll bet it's hotly spiced.

That's how they say it back home.

Those things bit me EVERYWHERE!

It's all in the pronunciation.

I may need some insect repellent.

Oh Hell, this cold is killing me.

The sauce with no tail.

What flavor are these?

Served in bath houses worldwide.

Now doesn't this just end all?

Oh, it's natural all right.

Something about nuts makes a happy crack.

And yours too.
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Robot Nine Holiday Greetings!

Enjoy this card from us here at Robot Nine.
It is the only one you will be receiving.
Please feel free to print or e-mail this at every holiday to your friends and family.
Save a tree!

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September 29, 2009

Funny Photos

For Bringing Home The Bacon!

Penetrating News Coverage

Pet Octomom

Is that a Lone Star Beer?

Why does he have only one nipple?
Why did I notice that?

He would NEVER spit in it, I am sure...

So put the book down and put the pole to good use, Geisha Girl!

Some prankster is flushed with pride!

Actually, this is just the sign explaining that this is the back door and that the front door is around the back, you know what I mean?

We are but flies to the Gods, they tear our wings off for pleasure...

News Flash, Batman and Darth Vader relocate to Massachusetts, make it official.
Film at 11.

Holy Crap! Literally.

Oh darn, we are out of gas.

You have to do more than just buy the DVD.

These things just keep getting more realistic.

Looks better than her real hand, I'll bet.

Where can I get one of these?

Well, if it works, it works.

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Strange Red Peppers

Notice anything strange about these peppers?

Yeah, you would, you Robot Nine reader you.

Mother Nature obviously has a sense of humor!
A farmer claims these peppers can grow up to 18 inches long.
Now that will make a grown man cry.

But peppers can be hot, so you might want to not get any wild and crazy ideas...
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