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January 16, 2009

Vainglorious Collection Of Robot Nine Personal Photography

It's just possible that a few reader's might suffer my vanity and enjoy a small collection of images I made back in the day when we all used film. You've heard of film, right kid? It's the stuff my daughter Lexi reminded me to buy as we left the store with our new digital camera a few years back. My, we've come so far.

Lexi, the reason I bought a camera.

Tiger behind plexiglas at the Houston Zoo, staring intently in the direction the zookeeper arrives from each day. Mr. Zookeeper has food, of course.

Ant on pencil point, interesting because I had no zoom lens. I simply turned a 50 mm lens around, held it in front of the camera and shot through it. The hardest part of the shot was finding the darn ant. Wonder how he's doing these days?

"No, I don't shoot weddings. Actually you need a professional. What, you're getting that guy? The one who shoots people with their mouths full. OK, I'll do it and guarantee nothing but that the pictures will be better than Mr. Food In The Mouth paparazzi guy."

Mike and Lexi shooting the "Pink Torpedo" named in honor of the song 'Big Bottoms' in 'This Is Spinal Tap'. Haven't heard the song? Prepare to be amused.

Engine 8020. I kind of liked the shot but everyone else always loved it.

British phone booths. These sat behind an antique store for years. The image is hand tinted with watercolor paint. Eventually some of the booths were stolen, and I still recall the owner being simply amazed that they went missing. What an innocent man.

Rickey, my brother, and one small part of our Halloween display. In our hometown of Abita Springs, LA, population 600 at the time, we had over 1,000 people stop by to be scared.

Pipe on a country road. I always am attracted to pipes and tubes. A friend, an amateur psychologist, who became an accountant instead, heard of a recurring dream I had of a large and hairy armed man pushing and pulling me, while I was bound up, like in a large rug. He deduced I was dreaming of being born. Maybe that explains the tons of images I have taken of pipes, holes, tubes? (Strangely, Mom said her doctor was a large man with hairy arms!)

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