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January 9, 2009

Scion Rolling Billboards Vehicle Advertising

I first noticed Scions being used to advertise a business when Jim of the local camera store Humble Camera Center started sporting around in this bright yellow beast.

Searching the 'net I found a ton of other Scion ads. AutoER- We do everything except remove obnoxious advertising from vehicles!

Baronet Coffee Roasters- Since 1930. They started out in Model T's.

Surfside Lock and Key, just call 566- KEYS. I like that. Maybe I can get the number 281-ALAN.

Keller Williams Realty has a very visible car and a lost in the shuffle domain name for their website.

Pop-A-Lock. Why call Surfside Lock and Key when you can call a "Trusted Locksmith"?

SYNLawn. We have similarly named lawn services here, like Chem-Lawn. I always wonder how they market their services. "Of course we drench your lawn in deadly chemicals. Deadly to bugs, not your dog or child. We promise". (Come to find out this company installs artificial lawns. Great since kids only play sports on video games now!)

The Gift Gallery. Delivering for them would be like getting a job wearing a costume and standing on the side of the road waving. Without the costume. Does that bow really stay on at 60 MPH?

Joe Bunn, DJ. Mom wanted an MD, got a DJ. These graphics just hammer home the fact that hardly anybody looks cool dancing.

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