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January 29, 2009

Robot Nine Picture Puzzle 6 Solution And Winners

Image number one was indeed a Barbie Jeep, specifically the front right wheel.

Ernie and Bert, those loveable male Sesame Street roomates.

Photograph of a fork, close-up. This one confounded a few of you, and once I read your possible answers I could see where you saw things other than a fork.

Very close-up view of a moon crater, and yes I believe it is Tycho. Many thought to be a bullet hole in glass. Interesting, in a sense it is very similar, just on a grand scale.

Creepy gargoyle looking out over the city of Paris, France from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Harry Houdini all chained up with no place to go.

The one nobody pinned down. A couple said a spinal cord or ribcage, but specifically it is the famous image of the fossilized skeletal remians of Australopithecus aferensis. I thought this would be easier as "Lucy" has been touring the U.S. from Ethiopia, and has been the subject of a controversy as to whether she should be allowed to travel. A different image was also featured in a Robot Nine post.

The Duckbill Platypus, which strangely has a bill, webbed feet, and poisonous spurs on his rear feet that cause intense pain in humans.

Finally, the adorable white tiger cubs. Everyone figured out these beautiful creatures.

The winner of the puzzle this week was the mysterious "Ben", who has no link or e-mail. Ben, e-mail me at and tell me which book in the Robot Nine Reading Room you wish to own. A close second was had by Beth of Judging The Books. Not reading her blog yet? Miss her funny posts about young adult fiction cover art and miss having a good laugh. (Beth, should have litened to the people saying it looks like a spine!)

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