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January 22, 2009

Robot Nine Picture Puzzle 5 Solution And Winner

Image one featured the positive terminal of a battery, specifically AA size.

Bill of the bald eagle was number two.

More folks guessed the wheel of a Model T for number three than I would have guessed.

Eye stalk or antenna of a snail was the answer to number four.

Maybe it was a giveaway as most answered five correctly; a school bus.

Inside a hot air balloon was number six. Many answered parachute instead.

Skeleton of a snake for number seven tripped up a few with answers such as slinky, jellyfish, and bracelet.

Trickiest of all. Eight was not Frankenstein! It's Frankenstein's Monster, as Frankenstein was the doctor.

Very few pinned nine down as a bulldozer, most thought military tank. Two interesting answers were the Star Wars Sand People vehicle and a Mars rover. Neat answers.

The winner of Picture Puzzle 5 is Ana Tirolese of Canada with a perfect score! (Canada? We've gone international!)Visit Ana's Ramblings and Art Corner and say hi or wish her congrats. Ana, please go to the Robot Nine Reading Room and select from the over 50 books there which one you would like. Please send your mailing address to me at

I'm hoping to have another puzzle posted on Monday, January 26, 2009, so come back and play again.

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