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January 2, 2009

Robot Nine Picture Puzzle 2 Solution And Winner!

There was a pretty big response to this puzzle now that the holidays are behind us. Nobody managed all nine answers but two people eventually had eight correct, one of them very detailed and precise, so the winner has been called. But first, the answers.

1 is the eyes of Edgar Allen Poe. I don't know if I would have gotten this correct, but my daughter pegged it when I tested the puzzle on her. Answers included Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Fidel Castro, Dracula, and Che Guevara. Several people did get Poe, though Pacino ran a close second.

2 is salt crystals magnified 100 times. Lots of "I don't knows" but several got it so I guess it wasn't too hard.

3 is Pennywise the clown from the movie based on Stephen King's story 'It'. Several answers came in for Casper and It does look a bit like Casper. This guy is not so friendly.

4 was an up close look at the trunk latch on a Volkswagen Beetle. Many got it right but several saw a fishhook instead.

5 was easier for most, those points on the Statue of Liberty being a bit iconic around the world.

6 seemed to be either you knew it right off or not. The rings of Saturn was the correct answer.

7 I could not have predicted this would be the spoiler for so many. Seems it was a bit frustrating as it seemed so familiar but was hard to place. Answers ran the gamut including art, African people, cave art, books, religious tracts, and MY nightmare. Only one person said Ouija board.

8 Oh this one seemed to be easy for this crowd, being a detail from the label on a Jack Daniel's whiskey bottle.

9 Dilbert, and many got it right, though quite a few could only say "some cartoon character". A chef's or baker's hat got a few entries also.

The winner with 8 very detailed and correct answers is Kathy Look at her answers and you may be like me- Did she help research the puzzle! Give Kathy's blog a visit and say hi.

Micael gets an honorable mention nod. He initially did refer to the "infamously evil drag queen Ouija Board". Later he posted again still mulling over number seven. Micael eventually pegged down eight but Kathy's answers were incredibly precise, and the Robot Nine board of directors named her the winner.

Kathy, let me know which book you want and where to ship it via my e-mail address- either or better still .

I should post a new Picture Puzzle on January 7, 2009, so please return and play.

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