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January 14, 2009

Picture Puzzle 4 Answers.

Picture Puzzle 4 had fewer attempts and more comments as to how hard it was. I should explain that on this end it is hard to judge the difficulty. Images I think to be the most difficult children answer, and ones so obvious I hesitate to use them puzzle folks. Although this time there were a few possible doozies of difficulty.

The winner of this puzzle is Beth of Judging The Books, one of the wittiest blogs I have read. Beth takes the covers of older young adult novels and gives a brief, twisted synopsis of the story, with links to illustrations that are hilarious and occasionally troubling. Please visit her, put here in your favorites, follow her blog. Judging The Books is worth it!

An anteater, obvious to many but not all players.

Bullets does it for me, though some answers were very detailed as to caliber and such.

Ah, the puzzler. Hetty Green is a fascinating American historical figure who took a somewhat impressive inheritance and turned into an OMG $100 dollar fortune at a time when women did not do this. Quirky, eccentric, miserly she is said to have refused to pay rent for an office, spreading her materials on the bank floor, and who were they to say no with that mountain of cash in the vault. She also was so miserly with her son's leg injury he lost the limb to gangrene.

German flag, simple enough.

Logo of the Proctor and Gamble company. I thought this one would be easier to guess as a few years back a group of confused consumer fruit loops harassed the company, claiming the thirteen stars represented a satanic symbol, and they got plenty of press with their attempts at boycotts.

Mosaic of Alexander the Great. Again, I thought difficult, but pegged by several people.

Taj Mahal, India. Nope, not Russian, but I see the similarity.

The Space Shuttle. Now you see it, right?

Maybe too difficult, a micrograph of the Ebola virus. One hint is I am fascinated by microbiology and viruses, in particular the Ebola virus. It's listed in my profile and people have noticed it in the past.

Be on the lookout for another Robot Nine Picture Puzzle coming soon!

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