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January 14, 2009

Oddball Clubs And Groups. Think You're The Only One? Maybe Not.

That's Ken Bannister, top banana at The Banana Club, standing in the Banana Museum in Altadena, CA, home to over 17,000 banana related items Ken has collected or been given sine starting the club in 1976. Ken started the club when a secretary gave him a roll of 10,000 Chiquita banana stickers. He jokingly handed them out to people and noticed that they spread fun and smiles and the rest is history. (I fell the same way about balloons. Try to walk down the street with a huge bundle of helium filled balloons and not get smiles. Maybe one day Balloon Release will have a museum!) For a ten dollar lifetime fee you can become a card carrying member of the club. Thousands have joined, and Ken has been features in magazines including People, newspapers around the world, and 94 TV programs including Jay Leno.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships will be held May 23, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska. Oh what a world full of such different people. Robot Nine posted some 'Beards', including some from the championship, but I had no idea beard love was so passionate and wide ranging. Speaking of passionate, the 2007 winner is pictures above in a less formal moment, and he has the unlikely name of Jack Passion, who happens to be a musician with a website. The truly international event is held every two years (and with lass than a third of a year to go it may be too late to start growing your own!). Check out this gallery of 2007 winners.

The Secret Society Of Happy People, again with the required store, book, and over 6,000 happy members. You can join too for only $10.00 per year, and with 6,000 dues paying members I can see why she is happy! Maybe I can find 6,000 people to join the Robot Nine Army! Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up! Yep, Peeing. Website, TV interviews, books, store, T-shirts, it's all here. These women are serious, and don't try to come up with any better solution like the Johnny Glow! Just sit your butt down when you pee. They probably wouldn't want to stay with me. They surely would not enjoy the facilities here at Robot Nine World Headquarters. My views on personal toilet seat responsibility would lead us to divorce if we were married. That's OK, I also have an opinion on divorce. I'll take the cash, she can have the toilet seat.

The International Gay Rodeo Association. Come for the rodeo, stay for the party. Personally I was shocked, as I never really knew horses could be straight or gay. You learn something new every day. If you like the men better than the horses you might like their advertisers Gay Cowboy Central where you can meet nice cowboys and

Yes, there are flesh eating plants, and the folks at the International Carnivorous Plant Society love and appreciate these bizarre little carnivores. These folks are serious botany types and while you may like the site, I was hoping for more aggressive plants, larger, maybe some genetic tampering, pets in the neighborhood going missing stuff. The best I could do was this silly fly who landed on one of nature's fly paper strips.

The Christian Deerhunters Organization are about 600 members strong in 39 states, and have distributed over 250,000 devotional booklets. These folks love nothing more than Christ and an eight point buck across the hood of their truck. Not to be confused with the Christian Bowhunters, the Fellowship of Christian Hunters,, Christian Hunters AND Anglers, or the writer Christian Hunter. has over 2,500 members whose ambition is to scale the heights of the highest peaks in ALL of the fifty United States. This is something that I feel interested in personally, possibly just as a way to get out of the office for an extended period of time. Of course if you commit to all 50 high points, there is that troublesome little hill in Alaska, Denali. That accomplishment will be balanced by the "struggle" you will make all the way across the 345 horizontal feet of Florida's Britton Hill. Is that a hill?

The Rat Fan Club, founded by Debbie "The Rat Lady" Ducommun, at one time had grown to almost 600 members. Debbie laments on the website that it's good a lot of rat information is available with the rise of the Internet, but it has slowed membership, caused her to sell her mail order supply called the "Ratalog", and she had to go online with her publication "The Rat Report". These devoted rat lovers baby their rodents, even taking them for a walk on a leash. Check out the site. You may end up a rat lover too. (By the way, the first ever Robot Nine post was Rats.)

These clubs are all featured in the book 'Think You're The Only One? Oddball Groups Where Outsiders Fit In' by Seth Brown.

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