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January 9, 2009

Picture Puzzle 3 Answers And Winner!

Picture Puzzle 3 seemed perhaps a bit easier for most players, but most players were stumped by on or another of the images. Still several got them right in the end.

Abraham Lincoln's image on the United States penny was answer number one.

A map of Antarctica was the best answer for number two, though more detail was appreciated. Many said either Antarctica (technically it's a map of Antarctica) or just a map, which is not specific. Scott Base is operated ny New Zealand leading some to answer a map of New Zealand.

Elvis Presley in 'Jailhouse Rock', one many people pegged.

Beyond the answer of a rhino I was impressed by several people who knew the lake and even the photographer as Michael Poliza.

This toothpaste on a toothbrush threw several people for a loop!

Yes, Twinky Winky, the blue Tele Tubby.

Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster of TV's 'The Munsters'.

Sasquatch from the famous Patterson film footage. One clever entrant even knew the number of the film frame.

Finally, Ariel of Disney's 'The Little Princess'.

I believe 23 entries came in and several people got them right, but one person's answers stood above the rest. Truman Soloist not only answered all nine correct, they gave a tremendous amount of detail - who discovered the area in the map, who photographed the rhino, even the actors who played the part of Twinky Winky. It was almost like they read my mind and for that fine showing they win the Robot Nine Picture Puzzle 3! Truman Soloist, congratulations and now you can make your way to the Robot Nine Reading Room and choose our prize.

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