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December 27, 2008

The Tortuous, Twisted, And Difficult Path To Blog Development


Is the loneliest number you will ever know.
So please send comments.

2, 2, 2 Mints In One- A Minty Fresh Breath Blog

Audiences in the test kitchen mistakenly thought there were 222 mints in one, and failed to understand the analogy of fresh ideas as a breath of fresh air. Besides, 2 can be as lonely as one, it's the loneliest number since the number 1...

Three Dog Night- Keeping You Warm In A Cold World

Again, nobody was aware of the Eskimo tradition of staying warm by sleeping with the dogs, a three dog night being particularly cold. Again, it was assumed to be a Three Dog Night music blog.

Four Horsemen of the Blogosphere

Who are the other three? Who are the other three? Who are the other three? SHUT UP!

The Five Dollar Blog

Quick click-through indicated the public thought that it was a pay for porn site. If only!

Joe Six Pack- Observations of the Common Man

Family and friends informed me of two things. I'm more the uncommon man, and a quick peek under the shirt proved more keg than six pack.

Seven-Bringing New Meaning To The Middle Finger

Since the site was mostly images there was little opportunity for people to read between the lines.

From Here To Eightfinity

Just saying it hurt my head, typing it hurt my fingers.

Robot Nine

Finally, true genius...

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