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December 29, 2008

Top Weird News Stories Of The Year

Michelle Allen was dressed in a cow suit, chasing children through the neighborhood, and caught urinating on a front porch. Amazingly she was just told by the cops to go home and stay there. Kind of put out to pasture, so to speak. Making a bad decision she wandered to another part of town where she was arrested for disrupting traffic. No answer as to why she wore a cow suit. (Is it just me or does she bear a strong resemblance to the woman who played the waitress on the TV show 'What's Happening') Read the news article here.

Philip Seaton went into surgery to have a circumcision as "part of a medical procedure". The surgeon discovered he had cancer and removed his penis. That's a shocker to wake up to. Let me guess, if the doctor removes the cancer he is sued for doing it without permission. If he leaves the penis with the cancer, he is sued for endangering the man's life. What do you think? Read the article here.

64 year old Rebecca Willis must have danced up a storm in her town, Her sexually suggestive dance moves caused the town itself to ban her from the local dance hall. Rebecca sued for a violation of her right to free expression and won. $275,000! Read the story here.

San Francisco artist Tanya Vlack lost an eye and she wants to have it replaced with a web-cam type camera, perhaps attached wirelessly to her cell phone. I just hope she pipes the images into a website. Come on, you know you would log on! Read the story here.

We have all known a couple where perhaps the mom was Catholic, the dad Baptist, or some variation of that story. But what to do when you are arrested for threatening to kill the mother of your four year old child for differences in belief? This time the mom is black and belongs to the Crips, the father Hispanic and is a member of the Westside Ballers, and they got into a horrible fight over which gang their child will become a member of. Can anybody say child protective services? Why can't they just let their young child see both sides of the story and decide which gang to get jumped into at an appropriate age? Read the whole sad tale here.

If you thought the last story featured less than wonderful parents, imagine being the unfortunate child of a witless father who saddles you with the name of Adolf Hitler Campbell! That's not the news, the news is dad is mad because local stores refused to make the boy a birthday cake reading 'Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler'. Of course you and I would have ordered a cake saying simply Adolf but I am pretty sure dad had to insist on the full name. Poor child. You may have to scroll down a bit for the story, which is located here.

Surely you simply delete e-mails from African diplomats and princes, and hang-up on phone offers that randomly come to you. Who falls for this junk. Poor Janella Spears did, to the tune of $400,000. Would be funny if not so sad. We all need to keep an eye on those in our life who might be a little too nice and fall for these scams. Read the story here.

Frederic J. Baur, designer of the iconic Pringles can, passed away last year, and per his final wishes his ashes were laid to rest in one of the cans. Unique and I think, just an odd and cool story. Read the story here.

John R. Grant spent the last few years of his life traveling as a transient, eventually passing away in a motel room. Authorities found an amazing $263,000 in small bills stashed in the room, apparently money he had saved over the years. Police tracked down his granddaughter in Florida who inherited the cash, making her college expenses suddenly very affordable! Read the story here.

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