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December 22, 2008

Places Where The Virgin Mary Has Been Hanging Out Lately...

The Virgin Mary had a burst of publicity a few years back when a woman listed on eBay an image of Mary on a 10 year old piece of toast. The toast sold for $28,000!

Recently a man claimed to see the Virgin in his bowl of soup. Perhaps you have a better eye than me as I cannot seem to see her, and his eBay listing maxed out at only $17. Strike while the Virgin is hot.

In one of the most unlikely places, Mary appeared in the dirty drip pan of a George Foreman grill.

Mary went super size in the glass work on the side of this office building, causing believers to leave memorials and flowers worthy of a dead princess.

Dead center on this woman's MRI of her brain, there Mary sits. Hope the prognosis was good.

At Medjugorge, sight of so many supposed miracles, there was Mary in the clouds. Sideways. Did onlookers not wonder if an all-powerful God is behind this sign, could he have not made her vertical. Mysterious ways and all that.

A distinct and clear Mary in a sheet of plywood. As a child my parents pointed out to me that one of the doors in our house had swirling grain that was a dead ringer for Jimmy Durante, huge nose and all. We never really got around to worshipping him, just an occasional laugh at the TV.

Mary appeared on this unfortunate turtle's underside, condemning him to a lifetime spent being constantly turned over and gawked at.

How nice is this. Mary on the side of an oak tree, even less distinct than the soup. The tree is somewhere in Mississippi, but they will not tell you where so as to prevent her from being "damaged by vandals". Even if they told me here's the tree, I wouldn't know where to damage her. This has only increased sales on their website of acorns from the tree. Magic acorns? Maybe they grow and grow and in the morning you can climb a vine to heaven? Cool!

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