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December 30, 2008

Nine Popular Robot Nine Posts

Creepy Jesus- With You Always

The art of Larry Van Pelt is searched for a lot, and many people visit the post. Most find it creepy with the stiff Jesus hovering in the background. I'm sure Larry had the best intentions, I find them and their popularity fascinating.

Cute Russian Female Athletes

This post gets looked at a lot, and I posted it because during the olympics I noticed how many pretty Russian women were competing. I think many visitors were hoping for something more... revealing.

Henna Art Pregnant Bellies

These are just so intruiging, and what a canvas to choose. Very popular, I have seen it mentioned in other posts and venues.

Lonely Trees

Lonely trees seemed to strike a nerve with folks, and it was just as more people were finding out about Robot Nine. Many comments, e-mails, everybody has a favorite tree here it seems.

Fabulous Lives Of The Lottery Winners

Of course the title is ironic as so much bad befalls so many winners. This one was more personal as Billie Harrell was a guy I worked with, and fit the mold perfectly, one of those guys so nice you were glad he won. But it all turned out so bad.

Overloaded Third World Bikes

Lots of looks at this one, people seem to enjoy it. Of course we worry for their safety but at the same time admire the 'make it happen and do what it takes' spirit they show.

Body Painting Art Of Emma Hack

Just beautiful work, incredible style and talent. Check out the blog post and give Emma a visit at her website.

Tiny Art Of Willard Wigan

What wonderful little masterpieces. Every day someone stumbles across this collection of Wigan's tiny works.

Worst Websites Ever

Hey, but who am I to judge. Well, if epilepsy inducing strobe-like graphics, shocking explosions of color, meaningless and confusing graphics, interminable waits, droning voices, creepy feelings, well, shall I go on? If any of that counts you may not enjoy these.

Let me know what you think.

I chose these based on a feel for what gets searched for a lot through Feedjit and StatCounter. Or comment action. Some more recent posts received a LOT of attention but I wanted to dig back a bit to keep it fresher. Next year should be even more fun.


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