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December 26, 2008

Karswell Wins First Robot Nine Picture Puzzle!

1 was a comb.

2 was indeed the ear of a chimpanzee.

3 was the cord of an old style rotary telephone.

4 was a Picasso self-portrait, painted in Paris in 1907.

5 was the head of a microphone.

6 was difficult, up-close and a bit blurry, the underside of a black widow spider.

7 was perhaps the most difficult. It is Napoleon Dynamite, from the movie of the same name. Perhaps easier if you were younger or a movie fan.

8 was the edge of the eye socket on a human skeleton.

And 9 was the mask from King Tut.

I debated some things about the answers, doing a little research as many people said sarcophagus instead of mask. I suppose some could split hairs and say the sarcophagus was the large stone coffin, but the death mask was inside the stone case, so I think it is part of it. Besides, answering sarcophagus basically says you know what it is.

I tested these on a couple of people, wanted to have them challenging but not impossible. Everybody didn't get them all, but some did, so I may make them a little more challenging on the next one.

The first response was totally correct, so congratulations go to Karswell! Send me your shipping address and I will get the book 'One Red Paperclip' into the mail for you. I enjoyed it, hope you do to. E-mail me at or

Hope everyone and more join me for future puzzles, just a bit of a fun diversion. I think I may offer three different prizes and the winner gets their choice.


A couple of other ideas have come about, as I am making this up as I go along. One of them is that I will not post answers until I guess the winner comes in. That way if the first person gets all but one right they are not penalized, no advantage to later readers.
Maybe I will post daily how many answers come in so you will know. Hopefully more and more people will play.I also am going to attempt harder images, not impossible but harder.
Another idea is I will offer a choice of three books. Books are easy as I have a lot of them, I read a lot, most bloggers are readers, they ship cheaply. This is coming out of my little pocket so no million dollar prizes!
Any ideas - send them to me!

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