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December 15, 2008

Just In Time For Christmas, Some Of The Most Dangerous Toys Of The Past.

Aqua Dots

These beads seemed like a good idea, but if they became wet and were then placed in the mouth, a child would ingest a chemical that caused an effect similar to the date rape drug GHB, possibly causing them to become "comatose, respiratory depression, or have seizures."

Fright Factory

This toy came out in 1964, the same year I came out, which could explain a lot. Basically a hot plate that you poured some goop on to create creatures, the surface reached an OHMYGOD temperature of 310 degrees. To top it off, the creations you made were toxic!

Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Buckle Gun

When you push out your gut the little pistol popped out and fired a cap. The instructions say that the caps can cause burns. Fiery caps right near my crotch, what a great idea.

The New Easy Bake Oven

Sure you had one and never had a problem. But 249 children stuck there hands into the front and got caught, 77 of them reporting burns. 16 of the burns were second or third degree and one unfortunate 5 year old had to have part of her finger amputated.

Johnny Reb Cannon

A huge 30 inches long!, this politically incorrect toy fired small cannon balls up to 35 feet, cannon balls perfectly sized to enter eyeball sockets and throats.

'Jarts' Lawn Darts

Heavy darts that stuck where they landed, even if it were your friends head. Caused 6,700 injuries and 4 deaths before being outlawed.

'Hang Ten' Hammocks

These hammocks were great for any kid wanting to play Gilligan, except that the manufacturer saved some money by leaving off the spreader bars, allowing the material to bunch up almost like a rope. Marketed under the name Hang Ten they actually managed to hang dozens before three million of them were recalled.

Power Wheels Motorcycle

218,000 of them had to be recalled due to a little sticky throttle problem sending kids whizzing along faster and faster with no way to stop.

Atomic Energy Lab

This 1951 science kit actually contained three "very low-level" radioactivity sources, U-238, the same radioactivity linked to Gulf War syndrome, cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. Fun.

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