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December 23, 2008

Creepy Santas Through The Years

Oh what a fine collection of Santa's that would surely make all children... happy?

Check out the arched eyebrow on this Santa, and the smirk on the kid. What dark secret are they not letting us in on. Kind of like a parrallel universe Batman foe with a boy wonder assisstant.

What is sadder than a Santa without a kid, no reindeer or elf. Surely all this Santa has to comfort him is in a small bottle in his pocket. Why a picture by himself? For the grandkids, the resume?

Mom, sometimes it might just be best to stop conforming to holiday expectations. Just because they are children doesn't mean they are always wrong.

I would cry if near this Papa Smurf gone mad.

Both Santa and child wondering how in the hell they got into this.

Is there a look that says ex-con got a job as Santa.

Halloween, Part 27. Jason finds a Santa mask and kills some time at the mall.

Have you yet picked up on a theme here? Santa sure does seem to enjoy crying, terrified children. The more they scream the bigger the smiles become.

My own daughter Lexi at age one, sitting on the lap of a Santa that appears to have just hit the bong. And I'm not so sure aboout Lexi either!

Thanks to Miss Alex and Jen at SuperHolidayExtravaganza for the inspiration.

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