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December 28, 2008

Ads From A Simpler, Less Complex Time. It Really Was Different Back Then

It's good to see that at least somebody has a purpose in life and takes some pride in living up to it. You go hog.

Don't think that a medicated society just rolled about in the last few years. This very direct old ad shows the beauty of Thorazine- give Gramps a dose and don't get whacked with the cane.

Really, is it ever to early? Relax, this was in the days when a sharp razor was totally safe, as long as you didn't cut yourself with it.

Worn out from some time on the ice? Nothing gives you energy like a Camel cigarette. Hey, if its good enough for a store manager AND a society leader, well...

Feed the infant sugary, high caffeine soda as quickly as possible and they will fit in better as teenagers. Especially in backwoods areas lacking dental care.

Robot Nine's lady readers will love this old ad demonstrating exactly what would happen if the coffee was not fresh. A good spanking was the order of the day. Realize ladies, Robot Nine is an enlightened blog, and this horrid physical abuse is out of line, an antiquated and embarressing notion. When the coffee is stale here I simply give the little lady a stretch in time out!

Social enlightenment. What do we do that will look as crass as this. Will 'big beautiful woman' or 'plus size' or 'rubenesque' ever be as creepy as advertising clothes for "chubbies"?

Now we are talking, an actual flame gun to melt the snow. How lame is salt, shovels, snowblowers. Real men (and women) flamethrow the drive.

This one merits a careful read, very careful. The ad starts off by assuring women that any coolness in their relationships is their concern, and not to bother the man with it. I thought from there the ad would suggest a fresh, clean home, cleaned with Lysol, freshening up the marriage, but holy cow, read what they suggest you clean with Lysol! Is this still done?

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