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September 3, 2008

The Fabulous Lives Of... Lottery Winners!

Rene Senna, 54, double amputee and winner of $56 Million Brazilian reals, App. $33 million dollars. Pictured above is wife Adriana Alemiera, 29, prime suspect in Mr. Senna's murder.

Doris Murray, 42, winner $5 million. Boyfriend charged in her murder.

Read the story here.

Billie Harrell, 47, winner $31 million, 20 months later he shoots himself.

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Ralph Stebbins, 41, winner $208 million. 1.5 years later at age 43, with no history of illness, Ralph dies of heart failure.

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Rick Camat, Starbucks employee, wins $6.6 million. Shot to death by police.

Read the story here.

Thomas Eugene Turnour, 52, winner $10 million. Sentenced to 17 years in prison for drunk driving manslaughter.

Read the story here.

Wayne Schenk, 51, winner $1 million. Wayne wants his million up front rather than in installments to pay for cancer treatments. Lottery refuses, Wayne dies.

Read the story here.

William "Bud" Post III, 66, winner $16.2 million. Spends it all in a few months, lives in hovel of a mansion, arrested for assault, lived on $450 a month disability check until his death.

Jack Whittaker, 55, already worth $17 million, winner of $114 million. Pledges 10% to Christian charities, blessed with drunk driving arrest, thieves drugging him at the Pink Pony strip club and stealing $545,000 from his car, thieves stealing over $200,000 from car a second time, arrested for misdemeanor assault, sued for groping woman at a racetrack, granddaughter found dead of a drug overdose, wife filed for divorce, sued by Caesars Atlantic City casino for debts owed, granddaughter's boyfriend also overdosed, parents sue Jack for contributing to his death.

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