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August 16, 2008


Creepy Telephone - It rings and rings and rings...

Creepy Ads - Just the first one of the pig slicing himself up is enough.

Creepy Cemetery - Photography beautiful. Subject creepy.

Creepy Chernobyl - What an abandoned, radioactive city looks like.

Creepy Clowns - Aren't all clowns creepy, all the time?

Creepy Coffins - Decorated like they are glad to go.

Creepy Crabs - HUGE Coconut Crabs that climb trees.

Creepy Disease - Elephant man disease and the horrible toll it takes.

Creepy Dolls - If your daughter asks for one, lock you bedroom door at night.

Creepy Fast Food Mascots - Including Uber Creep Burger King.

Creepy Fiberglass - Artworks that many people find creepy.

Creepy Hair - You do NOT want to end up in this post.

Creepy Jesus - Artwork that stays with you. In a bad way.

Creepy Love - Enough to keep you celibate.

Creepy Obituary - Found in a used book.

Creepy Origami - Paperfolding with a kinky twist.

Creepy Rats - We love them, you think they are creepy.

Creepy Santa - Drunk, stoned, felonious, mean looking. And that's just the kids.

Creepy Satan - Who is creepier than this guy?

Creepy Serial Killers - These guys slay me, probably you too.

Creepy Skeleton Sculptures- Still living it up after death.

Creepy Valentines - Perfect for the one you used to love.

Creepy Ventriliquist Dummies - Maybe creepier than clowns.

Creepy Witches - Girls gone wild, witchcraft style.

Creepy Witches In Color - Sure they are being burnt alive, but isn't the color pretty?

Creepy Stuffed Animals - But I say they are cute.

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