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August 16, 2008


Adebangi Alade - See sketches become works in color.

Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo - Treehugger twig people loving trees.

Becca - Amazingly crisp and sexy drawings.

Becca 2 - Color work not to be missed. Retro comic cool style.

Berkley Illustration - Animals in fancy three piece suits.

Charles McCarthy - Strange and twisted women, bizarre yet inviting.

Edouard Martinet - Found art at it's finest, animals crafted of metal scrap.

Emma Hack - Body painting on women blends into the wallpaper.

Guido Daniele - Animals painted on hands. Unbelievably realistic.

Hans Christian Andersen - Paper cutting art from the famous writer.

Howard Finster - Paradise Garden folk art religious mania masterpiece.

Jamie Marraccini - Artwork created with thusands of pieces of chewed gum.

JeffMac - We are constant miracles. Bold, stylized, intruiging.

John Tenniel - Alice in Wonderlands official illustrator.

Keith Haring - Bold pop art with ridiculous art world commentary.

Kim Venderhoek - Intense brushwork and deceptively simple composition.

Larry Van Pelt - Creepy and popular Jesus art inspired by religious mania.

Mark Jenkins - Crazy cool tape sculpture posed in the street.

Mark Khaisman - Can these portraits possibly be just packing tape? They are.

Patricia Waller - Odd and creepy stuffed animals of a different kind.

Paul Hutchinson - Great tiny paintings. Common objects of amazing style and beauty.

Paul Nylander - Fractal image art. Don't ask, just enjoy.

Peter Callesen - Paper cuttings beyond what you ever did.

Ron Mueck - Huge and realistic fiberglass portrait sculptures.

Silvina Day - Subtle composition and color that sweeps you in.
Steve Heller - Metal sculpture, cool car scrap art, wooden furniture.

Terry Collier - Robot art created from found material with amazing sets and poses.

Willard Wigan - Tiny art, huge price! Fits in the eye of a needle.

Yumiko Kayukawa - Sweet and sexy Asian babes. So beautiful.

Zhanna - Cakes so incredible they are artworks.

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