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August 31, 2008

Bigfoot Found Again This Week. This Time In Robot Nine Post!

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August 29, 2008

Robot Nine Fun Photos, Images, Things

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August 25, 2008

Abracadabra. Magic Posters Old And New

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August 24, 2008

Robot Nine and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Websites

Balloon Release

Tracy Kenpo Karate

Iron Horse Restaurant

Bow-Wow Books

Brill Publications

Kong Kaffe Coffee Store

"Hello, My Future Girlfriend"

Submit Your Own Images

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August 16, 2008


Creepy Telephone - It rings and rings and rings...

Creepy Ads - Just the first one of the pig slicing himself up is enough.

Creepy Cemetery - Photography beautiful. Subject creepy.

Creepy Chernobyl - What an abandoned, radioactive city looks like.

Creepy Clowns - Aren't all clowns creepy, all the time?

Creepy Coffins - Decorated like they are glad to go.

Creepy Crabs - HUGE Coconut Crabs that climb trees.

Creepy Disease - Elephant man disease and the horrible toll it takes.

Creepy Dolls - If your daughter asks for one, lock you bedroom door at night.

Creepy Fast Food Mascots - Including Uber Creep Burger King.

Creepy Fiberglass - Artworks that many people find creepy.

Creepy Hair - You do NOT want to end up in this post.

Creepy Jesus - Artwork that stays with you. In a bad way.

Creepy Love - Enough to keep you celibate.

Creepy Obituary - Found in a used book.

Creepy Origami - Paperfolding with a kinky twist.

Creepy Rats - We love them, you think they are creepy.

Creepy Santa - Drunk, stoned, felonious, mean looking. And that's just the kids.

Creepy Satan - Who is creepier than this guy?

Creepy Serial Killers - These guys slay me, probably you too.

Creepy Skeleton Sculptures- Still living it up after death.

Creepy Valentines - Perfect for the one you used to love.

Creepy Ventriliquist Dummies - Maybe creepier than clowns.

Creepy Witches - Girls gone wild, witchcraft style.

Creepy Witches In Color - Sure they are being burnt alive, but isn't the color pretty?

Creepy Stuffed Animals - But I say they are cute.

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Aerial Photography - It all looks prettier from up there.

Beautiful Photography - Images that take the breath away.

Beautiful Photography 2 - More special images worth seeing.

Beautiful Photography 3 - Continuing posts of incredible beauty.

Beautiful Women - Portraits to make a man sigh.

Black and White Photography - Beautifual images to enjoy.

Coffee Creamer - High speed photos make creamer dripping in coffee spectacular.

Electron Microscopy Images - Blow it up enough and it's pretty.

Etosha National Park - Amazing Africa and animals. Breathtaking.

Giant False Eyelashes - Look first, than slam them.

Ice and Snow Sculpture - Harbin, China's giant festival of winter.

Light Painting - Light transformed into unforgettable beauty.

Lonely Trees - A tree standing alone becomes a thing of beauty.

Maldives Islands - Heaven on Earth, a distant paradise.

Painted Ladies - The most beautiful body painting you will ever see.

Pinhole Photography - Incredible work with the most basic of cameras.

Pinhole Nudes - A box with a hole for light turns the body into art.

Portraits - Even when they are not classic beauties, they are fascinating.

Sexy Russian Female Athletes - Strong, sexy women of Russian sports.

Teen Nature Photography - So young, so skilled. Great animal images.

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Weird Websites

The Creepy Payphone

Urban Camouflage

Get photobesity

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Adebangi Alade - See sketches become works in color.

Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo - Treehugger twig people loving trees.

Becca - Amazingly crisp and sexy drawings.

Becca 2 - Color work not to be missed. Retro comic cool style.

Berkley Illustration - Animals in fancy three piece suits.

Charles McCarthy - Strange and twisted women, bizarre yet inviting.

Edouard Martinet - Found art at it's finest, animals crafted of metal scrap.

Emma Hack - Body painting on women blends into the wallpaper.

Guido Daniele - Animals painted on hands. Unbelievably realistic.

Hans Christian Andersen - Paper cutting art from the famous writer.

Howard Finster - Paradise Garden folk art religious mania masterpiece.

Jamie Marraccini - Artwork created with thusands of pieces of chewed gum.

JeffMac - We are constant miracles. Bold, stylized, intruiging.

John Tenniel - Alice in Wonderlands official illustrator.

Keith Haring - Bold pop art with ridiculous art world commentary.

Kim Venderhoek - Intense brushwork and deceptively simple composition.

Larry Van Pelt - Creepy and popular Jesus art inspired by religious mania.

Mark Jenkins - Crazy cool tape sculpture posed in the street.

Mark Khaisman - Can these portraits possibly be just packing tape? They are.

Patricia Waller - Odd and creepy stuffed animals of a different kind.

Paul Hutchinson - Great tiny paintings. Common objects of amazing style and beauty.

Paul Nylander - Fractal image art. Don't ask, just enjoy.

Peter Callesen - Paper cuttings beyond what you ever did.

Ron Mueck - Huge and realistic fiberglass portrait sculptures.

Silvina Day - Subtle composition and color that sweeps you in.
Steve Heller - Metal sculpture, cool car scrap art, wooden furniture.

Terry Collier - Robot art created from found material with amazing sets and poses.

Willard Wigan - Tiny art, huge price! Fits in the eye of a needle.

Yumiko Kayukawa - Sweet and sexy Asian babes. So beautiful.

Zhanna - Cakes so incredible they are artworks.

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August 15, 2008

Robot Nine Reading Room - Click On Image For Amazon Review And Information

'Stacking The Deck' was featured in the January 15, 2009 post. No link, as Blooger and my computer are conspiring to make things difficult here!

Featured in A Robot Nine post.

Featured in a Robot Nine post.

Featured in a Robot Nine post.

Neat project, visit the

Older hardcover copy autographed by the author.

Featured in a Robot Nine post.

Older copy, pages loose. Featured in a Robot Nine post. Includes obituary and memory card found in book. Visit the authou Laurie Sheperd.

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